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Sex Drugs And Industrial

10 May
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bah there is not to much to tell actually, I am ashley and I am me...lol well obviously... I like anything that has to do with art, painting sketching... I love all kinds of art as well.
Usually you will find me downtown with some of my friends just hanging out a Hava Java for coffee...duh... and if not then I am probably at school, home or out with my other friends...
I listen to all kinds of musci like industrial, synth pop, dark wave, new wave, techno, metal of all kinds, rock, classical,punk and even opera... some of my favs are: HIM, PIG, AFI, metallica, nightwish, raized in black, wumpscut, apop, das ich, funker vogt, type o negative,front 242, assemblage 23,FLA, skinny puppy, the cure,depesh mode, KMFDM, MDMFK... and lots of others... if you want to know more then just ask plz...