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Sex Drugs And Industrial

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1st June 2010

3:28pm: Yet another random post from me. Just me, and the things I have done lately.

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10th December 2009

11:22pm: Been a Loooooonngggg time.
Just to show I'm still alive if nothing else.

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23rd May 2009

4:30pm: Ok so its been a while as I have not been taking pics lately BUT I thought I would should you the beginings of my new half sleeve.

[x]posted everywhere so enjoy :P

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3rd December 2008

7:18pm: Ok so its been a while.
Here are just a few of me as of recently.
nothing special

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11th September 2008

11:38pm: So I said i would post pics when it was done..

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29th August 2008

5:19pm: So I got my half sleeve started a few weeks ago. Thought Id post pics.
It will be finished september 10th :)

Im in love with her ^_^
[x] posted everywhere

27th April 2008

12:59am: Still Alive.
Sorry I post so little, life is hectic right now.
Leaving in 4 days for Toronto.
Killswitch Engage. Ministry. Life is good.
A few pics taken tonight.

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19th February 2008

10:45pm: Update.
yep about that time again.
lol probably another few months until the next so catch it while you can.

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5th January 2008

1:59am: *hops out of spaceship*
Ok so its been a Hella long time.
I seem to be getting worst and worse at this.
So my Deepest apoloigies.
Anyways. Ill be a big post whore now and carry on with alot of pics of me.
Take a look if you like.

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8th November 2007

4:42pm: Just a few recent pics.
Some from halloween as well.
Take a look.
you know they are [x]posted everywhere :P

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9th September 2007

2:30pm: Just 2.
Nothing special

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14th August 2007

12:41am: I swear Im getting worse at this...
Sorry its been so long....again.
Been up to way to much lately.
Just a short update :)
[x-posted] every freaking place you could stuff it!

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24th June 2007

10:36pm: Just a "small Update to show that I am still alive and not forgetting about you lovlies!
...and [x-posted] everywhere haha.

Not much has been happening in my life lately... all Due to saving to fly to Toronto in 11 days! Im SO excited to be finally going there.
Getting Some new ink, a piercing and new dreads!
Ill be sure to post pics when I get back!

For now here are a few pics just to tide you over :)

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30th May 2007

12:14am: Help!!
Quick question!
Im Just wondering... Does anyone of places in Toronto, ON that does double ended dread extensions?
Im heading there in July and 2 friends of mine and me are looking to get them.

Any help would be cool!


1st March 2007

3:19pm: Just a few today.
Changed out some of the jewellery in my face as it was a bit to mish-mashed for my liking
New ink recently As well, so I thought I would share.... the beginings of it anyways, As well as a few pics of older tatts.
More pics will follow.

... Oh yeah..its [x]posted EVERYWHERE :)

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11th February 2007

3:50am: Just a couple to show that I am still alive.

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14th November 2006

2:07pm: Its not much of an update cause it's webcam pics...

...But it is [x]posted EVERYWHERE!

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27th August 2006

3:52am: Oh Emm Gee and Update!?
Have not done this in forever.

So I just got tattooed the other day.
And here they are....
Not complete as Im going to have a green glow.... almost like smog behind them later.
But they are awesome still :)

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26th June 2006

11:49pm: I got my Hurr 'Did.

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5th May 2006

3:38pm: Update?
Just so you all do not think Im dead.
Im on vacation from work and VERY bored today.
I thought Id post 3 pics of the makeup job I fooled around with a bit today.
Enjoy cause it is [x] posted EVERYWHERE.

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19th March 2006

1:40am: Hey all,

Sorry I have not been around much lately.
Lots of stuff on my plate.
Thought I would drop a short pic post from last night at a metal show in memory of a friend of mine who died earlier on this week.
Just a few right now... mabye more later?


Image hosting by Photobucket

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5th March 2006

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21st December 2005

1:50am: AH!
I realized today i have no fan signs :(
Im a loser.
Someone make me one
*bats lashes*

11th December 2005

2:05am: Hi all,
Have not posted in AGES so I thought I would do a little update.
I got new hair and awesome uv reactive green shadow.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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30th October 2005

6:57pm: [x] posted EVERYWHERE^_^

Just a few halloween pics of me and friends.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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